Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
from the Association of Temporal Anthropologists
(and me, Dr. Archibald Cocker, T.A. in training)

This is a copy of the last Christmas card I received from my mentor, Dr. Wendell Howe, before he disappeared. He was a Temporal Anthropologist studying the Victorian Age, associated with the University of Cambridge.

Maybe it is only a coincidence but the gentleman on the card has a bit of resemblance to Dr. Howe. Was he fantasying what it would be like to actually have a family in the past, instead of forever being a lone observer, never allowed a relationship of any kind in the Field?

Or perhaps Dr. Howe just liked the deer in the background. I know he was an animal lover.


  1. I think that the deers saw the look alike Dr. Howe coming and thought
    where is Serendipity Brown.

  2. Also missing is Dr. Sherman Peabody Conrad. What of Sherm Becoming a P.hd. and finding some interest from the opposite gender, and his times and trials and tribulations. What will be his contribution to mankind.

    1. Ah, Dr. Serendipity Brown's mysterious assistant who she claimed she picked up in 1985? I believe he did get a degree in Psychology, which isn't surprising. It's rumored Dr. Brown was a kind of crackers. Sherman claimed his job was Trouble Shooter and keeping Serendipity out of trouble. There is no record of his getting married, although he was sometimes seen the company of a very beautiful blonde woman.